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Wellcome to Japan

In health. In wellness. In Japan.

I love to make your trip better and more enjoyable.

It's my presure that you will discover wellness.
I'm looking forward to meet you.

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The way to have an appointment

What is Acupuncure?
Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese mediceine.
It's used as regular habit as excercise in East Asia.
When we have ill, we have blockage in our energy flow. And Acupuncture open up blockage.

the benefit makes good energy flow in your body and cures many symtoms.
Is it painful?
It's no pain and no blood. Needles thinner than hair. It feels like jentle tap on the skin. Furthermore, Japanese acupuncture is the most painless in the world. 

List of treatment

Service area for Tokyo. And Women only treated.

There are two plans for treatment.

One is economical plan as a trial. This is limited treatment. Insert needles on arms and legs not body points. 

It's not enough for long-term benefit but it's really effective in relieving stress.

One is solid plan. Needles are not limited. We are going to find out the best way under the health assessment. It requires consent forms and medical record.
There are individual differences in how the effect is felt. It depends on the symptoms.


Economical Plan

[30 min] ¥10000


Solid Plan

[80 min] ¥20000

About Me

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Hello. My name is Sachiyo. I'm a Japanese licenced acupuncturist. 

Before I opened my bisiness, I worked several years in Japan and on the ship. I'm a experienced acupuncturist and I love to cure the people. I'm really looking forward to take care you. It's my presure. 

You may wander why I became to acupuncturist. I'm going talk about that.

When I was teenager, I had the sudden deffeness. And also I had tinnitus and splitting headache. I went to many hospitals to cure but no hospitals help me. I spent many years to find out the way how to cure. In the end, I got acupuncture treatment. And It works!

My condition got better with each treatment.


I wanted to cure my condition by myself and help the people with that skill. That's why I desided to be acupuncturist.


I believe that I could be best acupuncturist. For your wellbeing, please contact me feel free. I'm really looking to cure you.

On Zuiderdam, Holland America Line



Associate of Applied Science
SOKA Woman's College

B.A. in English Communication.
International Communication/English literacture/Social Policy and Administration/Humanity and Environment/Social Informatics


Advanced diploma
Toyoshinkyu College of Oriental Medicine

Course of study : Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Anma, Massage and Shiatsu.

Graduated with the following qualifications: Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Anma, Massage and Shiatsu.

After 2016-

2016 In Canada, She worked as Shiatsu Massage Therapist.
2017 In Japan, She've cured peoples as Acpuncturist as well.
2021 In 7 months, She worked on the ship as Acupuncturist.

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